Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home Again!!

Thank goodness for friends like Matt and Jen Wheeler (well, mostly Jen since Matt is in South Carolina). Thank goodness for friends who welcome you into their home when you give them 15 minutes warning at 8:45pm on a weeknight that you need to come over....and spend the night....for the next three nights!!!

On Monday our kitchen was painted in the areas where the new cabinets won't cover and all our trim was touched up. Tuesday the floors were sanded down and the first layer of polyurethane was applied. A new layer was applied on Wednesday and again on Thursday. We had taken the dogs to the kennel for the week. We knew that they wouldn't be able to walk on the floors but we thought we could just use the front door, the dining room and kitchen have already been tarped off for some time.

What we didn't think of - nor were we warned about by our designer - was the toxic fumes. It smelled SO BAD!! Even upstairs where the all the doors had been closed. I was late getting home, and even later deciding I needed to get out of the house. I called Jen and drove straight over to her place. We watched Glee and chatted and then she put me up in her guest bedroom. Pete arrived around 11:30pm, long after Jen and I had both gone to bed.

We stayed at Jen's Tuesday through Thursday night, and had a really good time eating dinner and watching t.v. together. It felt like we were back in college! Thanks Jen for being such a good -spur of the moment- hostess!!

Friday night we drove to Louisville to stay at Audrey's before Race for the Cure in the morning. Another 5K success!
Yesterday afternoon we arrived home and thought the house STILL smelled pretty bad for habitation. So we gave it the rest of the afternoon - went to run errands, eat dinner, etc - and came home around 8pm. FINALLY it didn't smell so bad that we felt we couldn't stay. We got to sleep in our own bed!!

Here's the new floor - we definitely think it was worth the hassle - it looks GREAT!


Pocket said...

Oh my GOSH!! I was talking to you when you walked in the door and were all, "Wow! It smells bad in here!" I didn't even think that you might not be able to STAY there! That sucks! Good ol' Jen Wheeler. I'm glad you found a place to crash.

The floors are BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see the rest!

Jennifer Wheeler said...

Those floors are beautiful, so worth the smell! :o)