Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another busy weekend

This weekend Ellie got to meet her Grandpa Carter. My dad flew in from Arkansas to meet the little miss. We had a full weekend - Saturday we we toured the Woodford Reserve Distillery - if you live in the central Kentucky area and haven't gone, it is worth a visit!!

Afterward we had lunch in their cafe. And Ellie woke up after sleeping through the entire 2-hr long tour (thank God!).

On Sunday Dad, Ellie, and Pete sat in the congregation while I sang in the choir for the first time since Ellie was born. We were singing three anthems and I didn't want to miss out on the fun! Apparently Pete spent the entirety of the sermon in the outside parlor with Ellie because she was fussy, but she was there long enough to have everyone in the congregation ooh and ahh over her and her cuteness. :)

After church and brunch at Josie's (yum!) we headed out to Masterson Station to watch the Bluegrass Classic Stockdog Trials. Pete and I randomly were at the park a few years ago when this was going on and now we try to go annually. It's border collies herding sheep on a timed course. It's more fun than it sounds!!

THEN after dinner we went to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt - pretty sure dad loved his key lime fro yo topped with strawberries and blackberries. And Pete loved that Coach Calipari was there with his family!! (we love a local celebrity sighting) AND Ellie had never been on three trips in one day before!!

So that was our fun-filled weekend. Dad headed home Monday evening and after a harrowing travel adventure (involving him riding a bus for the final leg of his trip because the storms were so bad that planes couldn't land) arrived home early Tuesday morning.

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Dave and Karen said...

Wow, Uncle Tom and Doug could practically be twins from that picture! :)