Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This Memorial Day Weekend

Ellie became an interstate traveler!! This morning we dropped her dad off at the Cincinnati airport for his flight to Boston. Technically, the airport is in northern Kentucky, but we headed up to IKEA in West Chester, Ohio afterwards - so she left her home state! I didn't take any pictures, we just needed to pick up about a million frames so we will be ready when Ellie's prints from her melanie mauer session arrive.

Pete had to be in Dayton all day Saturday, so we didn't really get a three-day-weekend, but it was still special because the Wheelers came to visit on Sunday!! Last weekend we got the news that Jen's sister Claudia got engaged, which is great news on its own, but even better when it means that Matt and Jen will be driving to Kentucky to celebrate! They were able to spend the whole afternoon with us - I'm so glad they finally got to meet Ellie and we were able to catch up yet again!

Can't wait until our next road trip to see you all!! (and the day drive to Taco Boy that will hopefully accompany it)


Pocket said...

Hooray for IKEA! Did you go on your own with Ellie?? Props to you! IKEA can be a bear, especially with a newborn!

Speaking of your newborn, she looks so BIG in you last couple pics! Mama's milk must be getting the job DONE! Hooray!

Jennifer said...

I cannot wait to take Ellie to Taco Boy, and to the beach! You are brave to go to IKEA anytime, that place is a madhouse. It was great to see you, Ellie is beautiful and she's welcome in SC anytime!