Monday, May 13, 2013

It's Finished!

Our basement under-the-stairs remodel is completed at last!!  Our good friend David came this morning bright and early to put in the finishing touches.

Ta-da!!  I just LOVE the contrast of the dark stairs with the white cabinets underneath.
 I forgot to take a real before image, but here is a before-the-cabinets, but after-the-demolition picture:


So for a real before image I dug around and found some pictures from a few years ago when Matt and Mike helped Pete bring his new pinball machine downstairs.  Note the old-school phone shelf and, my favorite, wood paneling, in the background. 

Back to the pretty pretty pictures.  I started moving all my desk/office things down to the shelves and cabinets this weekend.  But I'm sorting and throwing out/recycling anything I can as I go along, so I'm not quite finished.  I painted a stripe on the back wall before the cabinets went in.  They're pretty scary looking close-up, my frog tape didn't work so well on the bumpy basement walls.  So Pete and I are deciding if we want to fix the stripes or just paint the walls the paler color.

Surprise!  It's not cabinets - it's a giant bookcase!!

The rest are pull-out drawers.
Ellie likes this bottom drawer for herself, she put her pouf in it.
Lateral files in the desk area.
Here's one last look at the finished space.  I'll post it again once I've got all my pictures in the space, and can do a panoramic shot to show how it all fits in with Ellie's play area. 

Thank you, Mitchell Construction Management for a job well done!


Jennifer said...

Wow!! It looks great, this was such a creative use for that space and I know you'll love your office nook. The pull out bookshelves are genius.

Pocket said...

So pretty!! You certainly made the most of your space and I'm SOOO jealous! It makes me want to start tearing down some walls around here!

Sarah said...

Looks so great, Laura! I'm so glad you are happy with it. I can't wait until Mitchell Construction Management works its magic in our house! ;-)

Peggy Wheeler said...

Amazing. Our basement still looks the same as it did when we moved in. Yikes.
Also love the pics of Ellie. She is growing up so quickly.