Sunday, July 07, 2013

Cape Cod 2013.

We had a great time again this year staying with family on Cape Cod.  I don't feel like I have many pictures, but that's mostly because we were busy swimming and playing and running around so I didn't take pictures.  

Ellie has flown several times prior to this trip, but this was her first time with her own seat.  I wasn't sure how well she would do staying in her seat and keeping her seat belt on.  She was a champ!  She loved that all three of us had the same seat belt and waited for us all to "click" in.  Each flight, before we landed I told her there would be a big bump and a woosh and she would say "bump bump!" and "woosh!" and was not scared at all.  She is still waking up in the morning and asking to go on an airplane.

Grandma and the Pranns stayed at a house down the street from us, so we would often drop by after breakfast to say hello.  (Mostly because we knew Grandma and Uncle Corky were early risers like Ellie.)  I don't have a single picture of Ellie and Corky which is so sad because she love love loved her UNCLE CORKY!!!  Something about the three Wrenns being together (Corky's middle name is Wrenn, too) - they were instant buddies.

Ellie was also obsessed with Maren, who was the next closest in age to Ellie (by 9 years).  In the beginning Maren wasn't sure what to do with all the attention, but I think she ended up liking Ellie.

More Grandma time with Dressy Bessy at the other house.
Ellie loved the "blue boat" and was so happy when her daddy took her for a ride in it.

After a couple of days, Ellie finally warmed up to Uncle Richard and decided he was good enough to share her letters.
 Johnny was there!!

 And for one day only, Auggie came for a visit!  (again, no pics of Emma or Joey, boo.)

Ellie loved chasing the puppies.
I was so pleased that Ellie was not fearful of the water.  She woke up each morning wanting to see the boats and go to the ocean. 

 I was there, too.  Here's photographic proof. 

So, not a lot of sequential storytelling to go along with the pictures, but it was a relaxing five days with extended family.  We had eighteen people around the dinner table each night, and it was wonderful to catch up on everyone's lives and to hear stories from before I was born.  My cousin Pamela's kids are the nicest, warmest, group and they were so nice to Ellie.  Everyone welcomes us with open arms and we just love it.

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