Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hello, faithful readers!

Sorry there haven't been many blogs lately.  We've just been spending our days at home, me growing a human and chasing after a toddler, Pete selling shoes and working hard to provide for us.  I work about one-half day a week, if none of my clients cancel, and they cancel all.the.time. 

One thing that has become part of our weekly routine is going to the pool.  We usually get there two-to-three times a week and it has really become something we all look forward to.  (to which we all look forward didn't sound right, either, so, sorry about the dangling preposition - I hate them, too.)

Anyhoo, a couple of times per month the pool hosts a Twilight Swim where the pool is open extended hours and they have special events such as sno cones, or a movie.  We took Ellie to her First Twilight swim a few weeks ago and she loved it!  Try as we might we still only stayed out until 7:30pm, well within the pool's regular operating hours, but Ellie had a blast with the glo necklaces and music. 

Here she shows off her mad dancing skills. 

Why yes, yes that IS a group of 7-year-old girls singing karaoke in the background.  Also, I was supposed to eat half of her ice cream sandwich.  Pretty sure I didn't get any of it.  Good thing she's so cute. 

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Peggy Wheeler said...

The count down begins. Hope you are doing well.
Love the video of Ellie dancing. She must take after her daddy, those were some smooth moves.
I will keep checking via your blog.
Give Pete and Ellie a kiss for me.