Sunday, August 11, 2013

Birthday Weekend. (His)

Pete's Birthday was on Friday.  We both worked in the morning, then went out to lunch, and picked the Mousse up from daycare right after nap.  Then we got to celebrating!  First, we went to the pool and had our typical hour-and-a-half of playtime in the water before hunger struck.  Next, we headed out to dinner at the birthday's boy's venue of choice:  The Local Taco. 

An after-dinner smooch.
Then we went home for presents and pie. 

This one had a hard time waiting for her piece of pie.
The birthday boy in his custom-made crown.
Saturday morning was our friend Stella's 2nd Birthday party at Boyd Orchard.  Ellie had a great time playing with all of her friends on the playground and feeding the animals at the petting zoo. 

She was very brave when it came to going down the big slide by herself.  She was NOT into the hayride, and clung to me like a little koala during our tour of the orchards.  

Then, Saturday night, we had a HUGE milestone for Ellie - her first race!!!  A Midsummer Night's Run is usually the weekend of Pete's birthday, and this year, we registered Ellie for The Fastest Kid in Town.  She was SO excited to run a race with her daddy.

Getting her number pinned.
A few warm-up strides.
Not having any fun at all.
On your mark, get set,
Finish line!
YAY!  She did it!!  That is one proud papa.

Afterward, Ellie and I shared a celebratory italian ice before heading home for bath and bed.  Pete's race was at 8:30pm and he ran the 5K in 18:05, coming in 32nd overall.  

Pete had a work-event this morning, but we squeezed in another trip to the pool this afternoon.  August is just getting started for us - up next - visitors!!


Pocket said...

Those race pictures are PRICELESS!!!

Happy Birthday to Pete!

Jennifer said...

I agree, that pic of pure joy on her face is one of the best ever. Love her!