Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner.

Well I must be somebody then, because, Bam.  There it is:

Our house has two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs.  Ellie is still sleeping in her crib in her nursery, and we are not rushing her out of it.  SOooo, without a room of her own, we made the front half of our (pretty long) room into the 'nursery nook.'  It has always been a pretty empty space.  Pete and I had always figured if we ever wanted to put a television in our room we could have some armchairs or a chaise lounge in the front of the room with a t.v., but we've been pretty happy only having the one t.v. in our house, so we have designated this special space for Baby Sister.

We want Ellie to feel like she is welcome when I am nursing and caring for the new baby, so we bought a loveseat that all three of us can sit on at one time.  The loveseat has been a great addition to the room over the last few months - we read books here, sit here to put on shoes, and generally use it as a place for group hugs and snuggles.  (we have a lovely Cassidy Dawn family photo winging its way to our house for that frame above the loveseat)  We also still need to buy a side table and lamp for the left of the loveseat, but it will work for now.  It's not near as dark as it is reading in the pictures, our bedroom has the most light in the house.

I made the pillows from tutorials online, here and here, and the crib skirt was made following the tutorial on Young House Love, here.

For a changing table I painted a buffet we bought off of Craigslist several years ago.  It was never the right size for the space we had originally intended it, so we parked it up on the landing and I used it to display family photographs and house all my grad school binders.  Our basement renovation provided a place to put all my binders, and I've relocated the family photos to my new desk and shelf downstairs.  A few new coats of paint and a changing table pad - and presto change-o:  a boldly colored changing table!!


For the bunting I used the same fabric from Ellie's pillows and crib skirt, and used a tutorial from Craftiness is Not Optional, found here.

We moved the glider from Ellie's nursery into another corner of our room.  Ellie has not minded being sung to and rocked here before bed and naps one bit.  She says of the move, "I share rocker with Baby Sister."  There is another pillow to go on the glider, but it is currently being monogrammed :-)

Pete hung a second rod in Ellie's closet for Baby Sister's clothes.  Again, Ellie is pretty happy about sharing this space, for now at least.

It's too bad neither of them have anything to wear.
So that's our Nursery Nook!  A little sneak peek into the things we have prepped for the arrival of our newest baby, hope you like the way it looks!!


Jennifer said...

I LOVE it!!!! Such a sweet space, and I might have squealed out loud when I saw all the pretties hanging in the closet waiting for 2 little Crawfordettes to wear! You did such a good job! C'mon Baby Sister!

Peggy Wheeler said...

I have been thinking of you all so much recently.
BGC is so close to making her arrival. I am so excited for you all and of course can hardly wait to find out her name.
The nursery is adorable. You are so crafty. I can barely sew on a button.
Looking forward to seeing BGC. Give Pete and Ellie my love.
Take good care.

Pocket said...

Beautiful!! All you need now is a BABY!!

Mags said...

Looks way awesome!!!