Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hello Third Trimester.

Bye bye bee-bo.

I just looked back at my blogs from two years ago and I have used both of these phrases before when I was pregnant with Ellie, but this time my belly button popped!!  Not just stretched out flat, but, looks-like-a-little-bird-beak popped.  Several weeks ago.  I also seem to have a MUCH larger belly than I did with Ellie, but I'm still measuring small/on track so maybe I'm imagining things.

I also guess it's not really hello third trimester since I'm more than a month into it, we're on the final countdown now - less than two months!  Or exactly two months if you go by my updated due date of 9/09/13.  As long as my blood pressure continues to be nice and low (yesterday it 100/57), baby sister can cook until she's ready to be born and no one will push medical interventions on me, so I don't really care when she's officially 'due'.

We have gotten two books for Ellie on becoming a sister, and she knows that baby sister is in my tummy, and she knows which clothes are baby sister's and which crib is hers, etc.  We think we've done all that we can to prepare her for having another baby in the house, and will continue to try to ease the transition for her.  I've also jotted down a few little gifts I will get for her to open each day that I'm not home when she wakes up in the morning (stickers, stamps, etc.)  Although, I have checked and she is allowed to stay at the hospital with us as long as Pete is in the room.  So, hopefully, we'll all be able to stay together as a family once L&D is finished.

Pregnant lady loves this time around:  ice water, Sonic ice water, iced coffee/caramel macchiatos, watermelon (Notice a thirst theme?  It's never ending.)

Pregnant lady wishes she wasn't pregnant because:  I have all sorts of aches and pains I didn't have last time.  Nothing huge, but I can no longer go on long walks around the neighborhood pushing the stroller and have had to stop attending barre classes.  I never felt a round ligament with Ellie, but baby sister sure is stretching them out.  Everyone assures me this is typical of repeat pregnancies because of looser ligaments the second time around, blah, blah, blah....

Here's the fun part:  belly photos!!

16 weeks

26 weeks - ready for our 8th anniversary dinner
29ish weeks
31 weeks - this was yesterday morning
The 'nursery nook' is coming together - will post a full blog when it's finished.


Pocket said...

EEEKKK!! I can't believe it! She's almost HERE! As always, you look stunning and I know that nursery nook will be amazing. Ellie is such a lucky girl and baby sister is SO SO lucky to have all of YOU for her family! Yay, Crawfords!!

Peggy Wheeler said...

You look great. So hard to believe that it's been close to 6 month when you and Pete shared the news.
I know everyone is all abuzz about the Royal baby but we are excited about the Royal Blue ie: Wildcat baby.
Give Pete and Ellie my love
Take good care.