Saturday, June 07, 2014

Caroline - 8 months old.

I've tried to cull these pictures down, and have put many of them into collages, but there are still a ton!

look at those little tiny teeth!

These next few months are going to be full of big changes - the ones everyone anticipates - crawling, walking, etc.  We've had a few already, and, unlike with Ellie, I am sad instead of excited.  I know that this is the last time for any of these things, so I feel like every major development is the end of an era.  That being said, check out her two little teeth!!  They are the CUTEST!!!!

Obviously, in her eighth month, Caroline had her first two teeth emerge.  (right around mother's day)
She also produced more front sounds:  /f/ and /v/, and /dadada/.  She began scooting backward and forwards while seated. 
Firsts: road trip to Florida, visit to the beach, Easter, Keeneland, Derby, 5K (Through the Zoo), Mother's Day, bite of ice cream.
Eating: roasted sweet potato sticks, mashed potatoes, broccoli, cantaloupe
Sleeping: up every three hours to nurse starting the week her teeth came up (had been sleeping 7p-5a prior to that).  One particularly rough night the eve of tooth number one emerging - up every 90 min, not consoled or put back to sleep by nursing.
Likes/Dislikes: Likes shoelaces! and feet.  Loves bath time and splashing in the water, naps, wagon rides, rolling a ball back and forth.  There's not much she doesn't like.  She doesn't like it when we don't let her eat grass, and when we lay her on her back.  
meeting Grandma Prann
First time at the beach! 
First Easter
Another beach visit - she squealed when she saw the water!
Wearing my old clothes.
More vintage Laura
First Derby Party!  She wore Lilly, of course. :-)
Sister suits!
Through the Zoo 5K.  It was pouring, but she had a good time.
Mother's Day morning - riding in a car cart together
Mother's Day Brunch
These picture from Mother's Day illustrate life - it is impossible to get us all standing in the same place with our eyes open while smiling - so look at all three photos and compile a nice mental portrait.

That's about it.  We're already halfway through her ninth month, and it has also been full of new milestones - almost on a daily basis!  I'll try to be so late with her nine-month-update, but life gets crazy with two.  We love you so much Baby Caroline - the sweetest surprise we ever did see!!


Pocket said...!!! And I love her! And I want to eat her UP!!!!

Julie said...

Such a doll! Can't wait to have two girls!

Jennifer said...

Eek! I love her! Can't wait to see that squishy cutie again soon! So many great pics!