Friday, June 20, 2014

Nine cheerful months of Caroline.

Our little sweetheart is nine months old.  She really is always cheerful - happy, giggly, smiling, pleasant.  Unless, of course, you try to hold her and your name isn't M-O-M-M-Y.  Then she'll probably cry.  But she'll play with you, just don't try to pick her up and carry her away.

Everyone is always so focused on how wonderfully chunky Caroline is, that no one notices she's really long, too!!  Stats:  weight  20lbs, 14oz (83%), length  30" (98%)!!! This means we will have to switch her to a convertible car seat sooner rather than later. (wump-wah.  no more carting-sleeping-baby-into-store)

So Many Changes this month!

Caroline is no longer our downy chick- she has grown actual, thick hair.

On 6/02/14, I was stopped by a stranger in the grocery store who told me Caroline had the prettiest shade of red hair.  This was huge to me!!  It was my first independent confirmation of her hair color.  I called Pete as soon as I got back in the car, grinning ear-to-ear, to tell of Caroline's first-ever hair comment.  Later that week, an older gentleman walking by me pushing Caroline in the cart said to his wife, "Did you see that cute little carrot top?"  I'm so proud of the littlest redhead.  Hope she doesn't tire of the compliments.  Pete is pretty good-natured about the old ladies wanting to talk to him about his hair.

5/26/14 First Memorial Day - first time to go to the pool

5/27/14 First time in the backyard wading pool.

5/28/14 drank water from a straw cup
5/30/14 started rocking back and forth on her hands and knees
6/01/14 crawled backwards, and pushed back to sitting from being on her tummy

6/06/14 clapped her hands and signed for milk; pulled up to kneeling on stairs
6/09/14 Caroline started crawling!  First time was towards her Raffi, later went straight for the play kitchen, pulled the oven open, and pulled out the wooden pizza.

This was on a Monday, by Wednesday she was crawling to other rooms in the house (ooh!  what's in daddy's office?  I LOVE shoes!!  O-Oh, I can crawl into mommy and daddy's closet and pull shoes down off the shelf - I LOVE shoes!!)
6/12/14 sitting up in crib when I came to get her from nap

6/15/14 First Father's Day

Eating: breakfast every morning - puffs and yogurt.  She starts slapping her tray when I get the yogurt out of the fridge.  Also eating a greater variety of textures at other meals:  grated cheese, shredded chicken, ground beef, avocado, etc.
Sleeping: Ugh.  I was so excited when I wrote her 8-month update that I was going to write about how Caroline had returned to her 12 hrs of sleeping each night, because at that time, she had!  Unfortunately, learning to crawl has caused a major sleep disturbance at our house.  When Caroline wakes up, rather than suck her thumb to soothe herself back to sleep (like she used to do), she rolls over, pushes up, and crawls into the corner of her crib.  Where she gets stuck.  And wails.  and WAILS.  The past two nights Pete and I have gotten about three hours of sleep.  Hopefully this is a temporary issue.  Update:  It takes me a few days to get these blogs posted, and last night Caroline slept through the night, after a semi-brief period of wailing.  So, hopefully, we've turned a corner.
Likes/Dislikes: kisses, peek-a-boo, Where is Caroline?, patty cake, SO big, playing with the Mrs. Potts tea set, shoes and laces.  Dislikes being in the stroller for long periods of time, and waking up in her crib, apparently.
I want to remember: her beautiful porcelain skin, the way her feet look before getting any real use (still so plump), how she pushes her foot into my underarm while she nurses, or grabs her big toe and swings her leg back and forth.  How exciting it is each morning to see her roll over, push herself to a seated position, and start to crawl.  How she crosses her feet at the ankles while seated in her infant carrier.  Her delight at the very sight of her sister. 


Oh baby Caroline, we just love you the most!!  Of all the littlest red-headed nine-month-olds, you are our very favorite.

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