Monday, January 12, 2015

2014 Fall Highlights

I don't know if anyone reads this blog anymore, or wants to know what is going on in our corner of the world, but I figure I'll at least finish out the year, that way if I don't blog any more after that, I will have at least come to a good stopping point.  Poor Caroline never even got her official 12-month post, not to mention months 13, 14, and 15.  anyhoo.

In addition to Halloween and the Paws reunion, my Uncle Corky got married in October.  So happy that he and Maggie tied the knot!  I drove to Pennsylvania with the girls, and Pete flew in from a conference in Texas to meet us in time for the big day.  Ellie loved getting to wear a twirly dress and her champagne shoes.  (don't you dare call them 'gold')  I loved getting to see Grandma in addition to all the regular Pennsylvania crew.

still learning how to take a selfie
l.o.v.e.d dancing at the reception
That pink whirling dervish is the Mousse.
Grandma Prann! Still glamorous at eighty-nine years old.
Day after the wedding - back at 'the farm'
We had another family session in October with Cassidy, to get some family shots and take Caroline's one-year photos. 

Pete ran a race in Winchester in early November - winner got a turkey!  So we have a bird in our freezer waiting to be cooked :-) The course was cross-country with some back-and-forth along a hillside, so we got to watch Pete make his approach - Ellie really loved it. 

Our local School for the Creative and Performing Arts did a production of Annie, Jr. at the Opera House.  Ellie and I went to a matinee show and we both LOVED it!!  Many of the children from our neighborhood were there as well - that's our neighbor Scarlett next to Ellie in the pic below.

Who doesn't love getting dressed up for the theatre?!?

My good friend from high school, Doodle, was in Louisville one Saturday to visit some of her husband's friends, so we drove up to see her and meet her two children, Lolly and Trip. (he's the III, don't you love that?)  We last saw each other six years ago at our ten-year high school reunion, so four kids later is a big deal!!  Even though we only had about 90 minutes to spend together, I'm glad we made the drive.


We drove back up to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving!  Whew.  We love 10-hour car rides.  Bad weather was heading in so we left a day earlier than usual to beat the snow.  We just barely did - and the girls got their first glimpse of a real snowfall.

Thanksgiving morning - waiting for the parade while daddy and Uncle Corky ran a 5k
We made acorns out of Hershey's Kisses and Nutter Butter Minis - my cousin Alex has already insisted we make them again next year :-)

Forgot to take any 'real' pictures of the girls or our family, hopefully these will give you an idea of their outfits. 

Clearly our family selfie skills need some work as well.
Aunt Susie sent us home with this puppet theater and puppets that she had gotten for her grandchildren years ago and they were never that interested in it.  Thankfully, my girls love it!  Even Caroline gets that her hand goes inside the puppet to make it work, but her favorite is when Ellie puts on a little show for her. 


That about rounds out our Fall - will update maybe later this week or next week with the holidays!


Julie said...

I'M READING! I LOVE IT! I love knowing what's going on at Camp Crawford.

Pocket said...

Awww, don't stop! I don't think anyone reads mine either, anymore, but think about how fun it is to look back and read your posts and remember what life was like way back when! This is a place your kids will visit someday! Keep it up, even if it's just for you (and me)!

Jennifer said...

I read! I read!