Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

The kitchen still isn't finished, so I thought I'd distract from that by sharing details of our weekend.
Last night we went to a party on our friend Emily's parents' houseboat! We had a really good time: grilled some food, fished a little, played board games --all the fun stuff.

This morning was the annual Lexington Humane Society's Mutt Strutt, a canine event not to be missed. All sorts of people and dogs come every year to raise money and get a little exercise.

There were dogs like this

and this

so it was a well-rounded group.
I had to work at ten so I wasn't able to participate, but I went to cheer on my girl Hannah and her companion the cute redheaded boy.

That's the two of them leading the pack! They pulled out front for an early lead. Pete says Hannah lost most of her steam about 200 yards in (what can I say, she's an 11-minute miler, like me) but they came in 5th place and won an awesome award package.
Hannah was a patient girl and waited for me to come home before opening her prize.

She enjoyed her rawhide and we were excited for her to get a new ball and frisbee. That's it from Camp Crawford for now --hope you all had good Memorial Day weekend as well!


pete said...

yeah Hannah, way to go...

jenni said...

I hope those fat little dachshunds didn't beat Hannah!
WTG Hannah - I'm sure you would've won if that red head wasn't hold you back...

I like the look of the kitchen.. thanks for the unintentional sneak peak.

Tammy said...

I guess I'm out of the loop on the kitchen "remodel"? I was only at your place once so I'm not sure what's new? the floor? Anyways, it looks great - Glad yall had a fun time. We did too.