Monday, April 30, 2012

April 25, 2012

Pete was out of town on Ellie's actual birthday so the plan was to wait until Saturday to do cake and presents.  However, I didn't want her day to go completely unrecognized, so I managed to squeeze a few special things into our busy day.  When we came down in the morning (at her new wake-up time of 6:30am - eek!) there was a giant butterfly balloon waiting to greet her.

I finished her birthday banner the night before - just in time!

Evie came over in the afternoon and we walked down to the local cupcake shop where Ellie chose her first-ever cuppy cake:  vanilla and chocolate marble with vanilla buttercream frosting.  Seemed like a wise choice to me!  Evie seemed to know that moderation is the best policy when it comes to baked goods, but Ellie must take after her mommy - she dove right in!

Ellie wanted it all - down to the last crumb!
We had a 'Skype date' with Ellie's daddy at 5:00pm.  Unfortunately, she took an uncommon third nap at 4:30pm (probably crashing from her sugar high).  Luckily, she woke up the 2nd time I checked on her, shortly after her birth time of 5:09pm and Pete and I sang to her.  Then I took a still picture of us to commemorate the official anniversary of her birth.

sleepy head
Then at six, Joanne and Jerry took us out to Rincon so I wouldn't get sad reminiscing at home alone.  Joanne and Jerry were the first people to come see us at the hospital - when Ellie was just a few hours old!
who doesn't love birthday beans?!?
J + J gave Ellie two great things for her first birthday: Luis the Lamb and a lilac bush
big cheesers
Ellie and the real Luis, Rincon's manager
not too keen on wearing the birthday sombrero
 We arrived home not too late after Ellie's usual bedtime and I read her On the Night You Were Born before laying her down in her crib.  It was a busy day for us (we had swim lessons and pilates in the morning as well) and I was glad not to have too much down time during which I might get weepy.  So that's what we did on Ellie's actual birthday, wait until you see the fun we had on Saturday once her Daddy was home!

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Pocket said...

Awww!! I've been dying to hear how the birthday festivities went :) Looks like you girls know how to party! Glad you had a busy day. BTW, you look just like your beautiful mother in that Skype picture and I got weepy myself while I stared at it. Ellie will love that one when she's all grown up!