Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Weekend

Saturday morning we got up bright and early to attend Breakfast with the Works at Keeneland. On Saturdays during the Spring meet, you can go to the race track and watch the morning workouts while enjoying a nice hot breakfast. They also have all kinds of activities for kiddos - face painting, temporary tattoos, bingo, jockey costumes, etc. Ellie is still a little too young to participate, but we can't wait to go back next year!

Truce Wither was the name of this work horse that stopped to have his picture taken with us, and let us pet his nose. He was a racehorse 4 months ago, but had to retire because of weak knees. Now he escorts the thoroughbreds on and off the track.

Ellie was a little unsure of Buckles, the Keeneland mascot, but definitely interested in his giant head. (Buckles is named after Keeneland's Bugle Blower, Bucky.)
Going to Keeneland during the races is great, but you don't get much of an opportunity to actually see the individual horses very much as they are running, this provided multiple views of the horses trotting, sprinting, and whatever else it is thoroughbreds do (walk?) around the race track.

Later in the afternoon, we headed out to the Kite Fest at Jacobson Park.

This multi-pieced kite was by far our favorite.

Then, early, early this morning - The Easter Bunny visited our house!! He was so generous for Ellie's first Easter.

Ellie loved her little chubby bunny!

She was also pretty excited about her pinwheel once her daddy showed her how it worked.

After church we headed over to Ashland to take some pictures of Ellie in her Easter dress.

In the sun, there's not much denying her hair color!

Happy Easter!


Pocket said...

Happy Easter! I love Ellie's Easter dress. All of you look lovely, and what a beautiful day to take pictures!

Julie said...

I believe I called redhead, like, months ago!