Sunday, April 01, 2012

Wildcat Weekend

We had so much fun this weekend!! The Cats beat the Cards in what was a nail-biter of a game - luckily we had great friends with which to watch it.

Matt and Jen drove in from South Carolina and Rachael and Sylvain came down from northern Kentucky. It was so great to watch the game with people who understood all the hype! Ellie went to bed during halftime, but she showed her support all day long, starting with Big Blue Breakfast in the morning.

Once we had won the game it was time for the celebratory blue velvet cake!

When dinnertime rolled around tonight I told Pete the kitchen was closed - so he suggested Rincon. Ellie was pretty happy about his choice! (these are phone pics so forgive the quality)

The new Graeter's next door opened on Friday and everyone knows Pete can't resist ice cream. Apparently, neither can his progeny :)

So we will hit the sack tonight having had a fun-filled few days! If you want more great pics of this weekend - check out Jen's blog or Rachael's.

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Jennifer said...

We had so much fun! Thanks again for a great final four weekend!