Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ellie's Chubby Bunny

I started on Ellie's bunny when I was still pregnant - probably January of 2011. Somehow, with working full time at my rotation, studying for comps, and decorating a nursery it never got finished.

Plus, it was knit using 5 teeny tiny needles and had a stitch I had to look up and try a million different times before I could master it. Note to self: if the pattern is 4 pages long, single-spaced, maybe think twice before tackling it.

But I finally got back to knitting him a few weeks ago and and am so glad I finished it in time to give it to Ellie. She really loves it! A thin strand of mohair is used along with the cotton yarn and makes it SO soft! Whenever we get him out, she grabs his face and chomps down on his little ears.

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