Friday, July 06, 2012

The Coon Pit GROWS!!!!!

A little backstory:  Pete, Matt, Mike, and Adam were college roommates in a little apartment on S. Limestone ave.  Matt had a raccoon puppet that sat on top of the television.  One evening, as I've heard the story told, the boys were flicking bottle caps (in that snap your fingers and they'll fly across the room way that I really hate) and the Coon caught one - The Coon Pit was born!!  The boys started graduating from college, Adam moved back to Ohio, and the remaining Coon Pit-ers rented a house on University Ave until the fist one got married and bought a house.  A few months later another one got married, three years after that, another - you get the idea.

In 2010, Matt and Jen had the idea that we all get together for a reunion in Charleston - Coon Pit South was born!!

the boys were a few days in to their mustache growing competition when this pic was taken
Coon Pit wives - me, Jen, and Sarah
Coon Pit Reunion 2010 - complete with the Coon!
Mini Coon Pit 2012

We visited Matt & Jen in South Carolina when Ellie was 3 months old.  Jen had gotten her a gift - a raccoon lovey for the newest member of the Coon Pit!

She had purchased two of them because Sarah was expecting as well - Laing was born in November 2011 and the Coon Pit had another member!!

Anyone see where I'm going with this??  .....Anyone?  ....Bueller?

JEN IS PREGNANT!!!  Baby Wheeler will arrive early January 2013!  We couldn't be more happy or overjoyed for our friends.

Matt and Jen have always been so great with Ellie, we know they will be the best parents.  Hop on over to Jen's blog, From Bluegrass to Palmtrees, to read the official announcement and see how she is progressing so far.  Can't wait to meet the third baby Coon - now our reunions will be even MORE fun!

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Jennifer said...

Yay!! I love this post, thanks! We can't wait to join the Coon Parenting Club!