Saturday, July 28, 2012

The rest of the weekend.

Umpah's 95th Birthday celebration was on Friday so we had the rest of the weekend in Florida.  Saturday morning we headed out the beach with my brother Pete, his family, my cousin Christy, and her family.  Again, no camera = no pictures.  But both Christy and Jen had cameras at the beach so pictures might show up :)

We met the rest of the family for lunch at a local restaurant, then headed back to Umpah and Jan's for the rest of the day.  Like I mentioned in my last post, his retirement community has a lovely pool, and we always had it completely to ourselves (all 17-21 of us).

Ellie doesn't LOVE the beach.  She likes it once we get past the crashing waves, but the noisy white crests scare her.  I cannot say that any part of the pool scares her.  She loves it - can't wait to get in!!

She wanted ALL the noodles.  Especially any that Cloudy had been holding.


cousin love

greeting Umpah once she was good and wet

On Sunday we drove down to Venice to spend the morning with Grandma Prann and take her to Sharky's for lunch.

And THEN, finally, before we drove back to Tampa for the night, we drove up to Sarasota to have dinner with Pete's dad and Estelle.

So ended our whirlwind weekend with family.  Monday morning we got up super-early and drove to Orlando to catch our flight home.  It was so good to see everyone, I wish our visits could have been longer, but c'est la vie!


Tammy said...

what a fun day with Grandma!!! wish we could have stayed longer :(

Pocket said...

Holy crap, are you EXHAUSTED?? That's a lot of running around in Florida for one weekend! That picture of Ellie flying through the air is thrilling! And a little terrifying, but the smile on her face (and yours) is priceless!

Jennifer said...

My faves of course are the little nudist with her beloved turtle. Glad to see Turtle made the trip, what a busy but fun visit!