Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Our Yankee Doodle

As it has no doubt been where you live, it has been H-O-T hot here for about a week.  Over 100 degrees in Lexington, KY is not the norm.  We keep breaking the records set in the 1930s and are doing our best to keep cool.  I have been dressing Ellie in pretty much the least amount of clothing that is socially acceptable. 

She has recently found the air vent in our living room and stands there all the time and lets it blow her hair.

Last night was the annual patriotic concert on the lawn at Transy.  We had just set up our chairs, blanket, food, cooler, etc.  Then the rains came!!  Which was great - we're in a drought, and we really needed the rain - but the timing wasn't the best.  We huddled under a building's entryway for 10-15 minutes, then ventured back out to check on our things.  As usual, it was a great concert, and Ellie managed to soldier through until the end, which came a good two hours past her regular bedtime.

This morning we were up bright and early to watch Pete run the Bluegrass 10K.  Some girls I know from the neighborhood were kind enough to join me - along with their babies - and we had a great time watching the runners and drinking mimosas.

We had a great day hanging around the house together.  Pete discovered that when Ellie wears her fruit basket on her head she looks like our state's founder, Daniel Boone!

In the late afternoon, we made a water blob!!  I highly recommend making one if you need some backyard fun and would like to cool off without going to the pool.  There's a tutorial on, but all you do is take a drop cloth, fold it in half, and duct tape the three sides closed, leaving an opening for the hose.  Fill it with water, and tape the hole closed.  Then you can sit, stand, and generally frolic on the blob!

Pete and I made ours while Ellie was napping, and we laid on it ourselves for about 20 minutes before Baby Girl woke up - it was nice and cool - felt like floating in a pool but without all the hassle.  Ellie wasn't sure what to think of it at first, but came around to it pretty quickly.  Eventually Pete brought the hose back over and turned it on a very small trickle and then she was in love!!  She held on to the hose, flinging water on the blob, and splashing in her little paddle pool.  We all three thoroughly enjoyed our little slip n slide.

So that was our family fourth of July!  We had a great day and wouldn't change a thing.

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Tammy said...

catching up on the blog - somehow I missed a few posts! love the blob idea - such fun!! happy for your friends expecting...can't wait to see you guys!