Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ice Storm 2010 - no biggie?

Pete had appointments in Cincinnati both yesterday and today so with the forecast of treacherous weather, he stayed in a hotel last night rather than risk driving home and back. We definitely think this was a safe move. Last night, Lexington got ready for another ice storm - school was canceled, stores were selling out of firewood and de-icer, the grocery store was packed like the end was near.

This morning I woke up to maybe an inch of snow and a quarter-inch of ice - which is seriously NOTHING compared to 2003 when I had no electricity for 2 weeks (remember driving home from the airport after the choir trip to NYC, Rachael?) I spoke with Pete and he said Cincy had six inches of snow, but that the roads seemed okay, just slushy. Our road was plowed by 10:30 - which means the rest of town must be done because we are not a through street.

So I've been studying for the Praxis and prepping Christmas packages to be mailed, confident that if I venture out this afternoon I'll be okay. Then suddenly, Hannah starts barking like our house is being invaded. I look out the front window - no UPS truck, what could it be?

Oh. Maybe we weren't totally free from ice storm effects.

Pete might have to buy a new saw - our old one is barely holding on after chopping up the apple tree that fell at Celia Lane from ice storm 2009:

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Pocket said...

Yes ma'am I DO remember that ice storm! Tony tried to take three of us home and none of us could get anywhere near our own houses! I'm glad I was in college for that storm. We had a blast! If that happened now, we would definitely leave town!

Sorry about your tree! Hope everything is all right!