Sunday, December 12, 2010

We've had a busy weekend here at our house -- yesterday we went to get our Christmas tree, then watched the UK game at Matt and Jen's house (Matt was in town!!), and THEN went to dinner and played games with our new friends Josh and Bari. After getting our tree home, moving furniture around, and putting the tree in the stand we remembered that we had seen an ad in the paper for a local camera store. Anyone see where this is going?!?!? We knew when we found out we were pregnant that we'd want to get a better camera -- since we no doubt will take TONS of pics of our Little One -- and yesterday we got one!!! A Canon Rebel T2i!!! Merry Christmas to us!!!

Today after church we hunkered down for what was forecast to be a snowy evening. We baked some cookies, and Pete brought all the Christmas decorations up from the basement while the battery charged. I love opening the Christmas decorations each year - it's like having a reunion with old friends. Everything's not quite done yet, but here are a few of our first pictures.

I know Hannah is not a Christmas decoration, but I don't think we've ever had a picture that actually shows exactly what she looks like before.

I got this angel for one of my first Christmases.

Pete's Christmases always involved toy soldiers - this is one of the many we inherited :)

Now we can get the whole room in one pic!! yay!

Lights and decorations on! Hopefully we'll finish it tomorrow - Audrey quilted us a new tree skirt, and we still have to put on the ribbons and topper.


Jennifer said...

Looks great, so festive! And that is a really good pic of Hannah, I can almost hear her saying, "What are you doing?"

Meredith said...

I too love getting all the Christmas stuff out each year! It is so exciting and there is always something you forgot about that makes you so excited!

Beautiful tree!