Tuesday, December 28, 2010

On the the fourth day of Christmas your Laura gave to you - a recap of Christmas Day!

Christmas morning was pretty calm at our house - we know it will be the last one with just the two of us so we tried to savor the quiet and calm while looking forward to a much more exciting holiday in the future. After we got the monkey bread in the oven we opened our stockings.

Then after stockings came breakfast - which I thought I took a picture of, but apparently did not. The monkey bread looked cute as a wreath with a red licorice string bow - I promise. After breakfast we started opening gifts. Rachael got me the sweetest baby book - I'm so excited to start filling it out!!
And Pete gave me a gift that I would like any time of my life but that seems especially appropriate since I am expecting.
Yum! So far we've tried the spicy and it's delicious!!

After presents we relaxed for a bit - and Fiona found a new friend.
Then it was time to start on Christmas Dinner - I roasted a goose for the second time in my life. He turned out okay - especially seeing as how I didn't have a recipe. I threw some shallots, celery, and two oranges with holes poked in them in his cavity.
Here's the finished product.
After dinner we headed up to Northern Kentucky as we have for the past two years to join Rachael and her family for a night of fun and games!! We're so lucky that they include us - thanks guys!! When we arrived there were MORE presents for us and a present for our baby girl from little Sylvia -- look at those adorable clothes!!

We stayed up late playing Catchphrase, and Pete stayed up even later playing Scrabble with Sylvian. After a quick breakfast in the morning we headed home to rescue our pooches! So that was our Christmas - we loved it, hope you loved yours!!

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