Wednesday, December 08, 2010

ooh baby, baby!!

I first felt the Little One as a flutter in my lower abdomen about 5-6 weeks ago. It didn't happen very often, and when it did, I still wasn't positive that I was feeling the right thing. Then the week before Thanksgiving - right about the time we found out we'd be having a little girl - the flutters turned into definite pops and bubbles that HAD to be baby movements. I'd put my hand on my tummy to see if I could feel them from the outside, but no luck. They started to get stronger over Thanksgiving - but still Pete couldn't feel anything from his side. I told him I didn't know how long it would be until he would be able to feel her kicking, to which he responded, "Not even by Christmas?!?!?"

WELL. Christmas came a little early to our house because The Wee One has been having a little dance party around 9pm each night - and Pete got to feel kicks on Monday and almost every night since!! This morning our little girl was really rolling around at 6:30am -- I think it was because she knew I should have been out of bed but was trying to catch a few more moments of shut eye.

I keep thinking that maybe I'll get used to the kicks and won't get REALLY excited each time it happens as my pregnancy progresses, but so far, it is still new and amazing each time it occurs.

I am so thankful that I get to do this - that my body can experience all these changes while I go on with my everyday life. Sometimes being a girl is totally awesome!!!


Meredith said...

So sweet! Everything about having a baby is a little miracle. Enjoy every second!

Pocket said...

Yippee!! So glad Pete could feel the Wee One. And it'll never get old. The excitement just grows and grows as she gets bigger and bigger. Even when she's kicking you in the ribs, you'll say "ouch!" and then get really excited.

Chelsea said...

Wait until she gets the hiccups! It's awesome! I read that the baby is more active when mom is in bed because during the day all that moving around lulls them to sleep. It's not very convenient later down the track when you're in bed actually trying to get some sleep! :)