Monday, January 03, 2011

Another day, Another project

Today I made drapes!! They were actually easier/faster to make than the crib skirt! Probably because there were only two panels instead of four and the measurements weren't as tricky. I really like the way they automatically make the space look more like a room.

Thank goodness for our handy-dandy 6-foot tables from Sams - I use them whenever I need a lot of space and will be using scissors or glue or something else that I don't want on our dining room table. Then when I'm done I just fold them back up and put them in unfinished storage.

Of course Pete was kind enough to install the drapery rod for me.

That's it for planned nursery projects. I have extra fabric in the stripes and the dots so I can make a pillow for the rocker and maybe some liners for the baskets in the changing table. Those will require actual sewing though, so I need to dust off my machine. eek!


Jennifer said...

Looks great!

Pocket said...

omg, you make curtains look so easy! I totally stressed over our curtains in the nursery and the thought of putting up new curtains in the rest of the house makes me want to puke. Maybe you and your six foot tables need to come over here! It looks GREAT!

Meredith said...

So I am going to need to hire you to make stuff for my future little one whenever that happens! ha! You did such a great job!