Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Busy week!

Sorry there was no picture yesterday - Pete stayed overnight in Cincinnati because of the weather. So, a day late, here's my 26-week picture. I'm really getting big!! But most people tell me I look pretty average for 6-months pregnant, so I feel good about it.

Lexington Hearing & Speech Center - Lexington, Ky
Today was the first day of my last semester of graduate school! I'm at the Lexington Hearing and Speech Center and couldn't be more excited to be placed with such a great organization. Today was pretty slow because Fayette County was on a snow day, so the majority of clients canceled - I got to go home early at 3:00pm!

AND on Saturday I take my written comprehensive exam - the if-I-don't-pass-it-I-don't-graduate-one - The Speech-Language Pathology Praxis. It's 120 questions, multiple choice, and I have two hours to complete it. SOoooo......fingers crossed it goes well. It is a paper exam, so unlike the GRE, I have to wait 4-6 weeks to find out my score. I have one more chance to take it in March if I don't pass, but my oral comps are in March so I'd really like to have this portion of graduation requirements under my belt.

PHEW! Am I the only one who's exhausted just thinking about it?!?! Peace Out till this weekend!

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Pocket said...

You look adorable with your six month belly! Give that baby girl a good rub from me!