Saturday, January 01, 2011

Getting a Start on the Year Ahead

Happy New Year!!

Hope your day was full of watching football and being lazy. Ours sure was. We started out the morning with pancakes, then watched the Rose Parade, then ate leftovers for lunch and settled in to watch some games. Naturally, I couldn't sit for too long. Neither could Pete - he ended up going to the gym about an hour after I started my little project.

I'm really hoping to have the big parts of the nursery finished before my spring semester starts on the 12th because after that the three months we have left to prepare will FLY. So this evening I made a crib skirt!!

Thanks, again, to Young House Love and their user-friendly tutorials, I was confident that I could make a crib skirt without it looking too 'home sewn'. Maybe that's because it didn't involve any sewing at all!! I have had so much trouble finding bedding that was girly without being too pinky pink. I actually wanted to do something in a robins egg blue with pink and brown accents but Pete said that the rest of our house is already robins egg blue or sea foam green and maybe we should take a break from that. Point taken. :) So last week I spent an afternoon trolling around Lexington's fabric stores and found two prints that I liked. Dots for the skirt, stripes for the drapes. I think I'll still purchase the bumper - maybe from Serena & Lily.

Back to the skirt - it was super easy. Just measure your four sides, and instead of sewing the seams, use Heat n Bond! Then just velcro it to the bottom of your crib - genius!!

The lovely fabric - I like that the pinks are more blush and salmon than bubble gum and fuschia.

As soon as I put the fabric on the table Pete set up for me, I realized I had a companion. Hi Hannah!
Then it was time to measure and cut, then measure and iron, and measure and iron some more.

The finished product - complete with new mattress and sheet!

I'm hoping to tackle the drapes on Monday - fingers crossed it all goes according to plan!


jenni said...

Well done momma Crawford. Before you know it Little miss wee one will be here!!!!

Pocket said...

love it, love it, love it! can't wait to see more pics!

Emily said...

we're on the same page, once again! i bought the fabric to start my YHL-inspired no-sew crib skirt this week! i'm not sure if you have discovered this website yet, but it also has a lot of fabulous DIY projects:

Tammy said...

so cute!! can't wait to see the drapes - I love stripes and dots mixed :)