Friday, October 07, 2011

5 months old!

Here's our little 15-pound, 6-ouncer in all her glory:

In her fifth month our little girl learned to laugh - as featured in the video. She can also log roll now, but she doesn't do it very often, and is usually pretty worked up by the time it happens.

Ellie can't quite sit up - but can tripod for a bit before flopping over to one side. She is finally enjoying Sophie the giraffe, she likes to gnaw on his legs the most.

I suppose the biggest thing this last month was that we hired a babysitter! Her name is Robin and she is a senior at UK - some friends of ours with a similar-aged daughter recommended her and I am so glad they did because we really have no idea how to find a reliable sitter. I wish we had taken a picture on the first afternoon that Robin watched Ellie, but alas, we forgot. So far we have only used her to go to two UK football games, but it has gone well, so we know we have someone to call should we actually have something to do or somewhere to be. That's about it - not the most eventful month! But in a little more than two weeks Ellie will be six months old! I am a little sad about it - she is growing up so fast!! I try to remind myself that the future will hold many great things, but some days it is very difficult.

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Pocket said...

She is the cutest, cutest, CUTEST!! I love these monthly pics :)