Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Dinner with the 'rents

On the eve of her 6-month-iversary we decided it was time for Ellie to join us for dinner. She always sits with us at the table, but usually we give her chewbeads or her crinkly star to entertain herself. Last night we put the tray on her bumbo and gave her some roasted sweet potato wedges and steamed green beans. We don't know how much went down, but she had a good time smashing it in her face!

Then this morning, it was time for breakfast - a banana, an apple, and some oatmeal. I don't think she actually ate any of this, but it made a MUCH larger mess than last night! Pete calls it total carnage.

Tonight she had some ground beef and a few sugar snap peas. Who knows what tomorrow will hold?!?


Tammy said...

love the video!!! she's just too cute :)

Pocket said...

Well, she sire didn't have any trouble finishing her wine! :)

Hooray for table food and a growing girl! Six months already?! I can't believe it.