Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Festivities

...and it isn't even the 31st yet!!!

Last weekend Ben and Emily hosted their annual Pumpkin Carving Party. Ellie had a great time and was happy to see her buddies Scarlett and Clover. Scarlett was sporting some pretty sweet Yoda ears.

Rachael was there too - I think she and Ellie were both excited to see each other!!

Alas, we had to leave to put Ellie to bed before the actual pumpkin carving began. Luckily, Josh and Bari were carving their pumpkins the next afternoon and they invited us to join them. Ellie and Caitlyn were happy to give their opinions on our designs.

Yesterday we finally made it to Home Depot so we could dress up the rest of our front porch.

Here's Ellie's cute outfit close-up. I knitted the little hat she's wearing :)

This afternoon was our neighborhood Halloween Costume Parade. We were excited for Ellie to wear the costume I made her - a candy corn!

Ellie and Caitlyn were the youngest parade participants - note Ellie's entry number :)

We'll have more pictures tomorrow - no trick or treating for us but Ellie will help us hand out candy until it's her bed time. Hope your weekend was as fun as ours!


Redhead Runner said...

Definitely one of the cutest "first Halloween" costumes I've ever seen!

Jennifer said...

Costume looks great!!!

Pocket said...

Love love LOVE it! She's the CUTEST!

Julie said...

Crafty mama!