Sunday, October 09, 2011

Fall in Kentucky

It's my favorite time of year! Except for maybe spring in Kentucky - what can I say, we live at a nice latitude season-wise. Even though I missed out on two of my favorite fall things this weekend (Oktoberfest and Keeneland), it was still a weekend full of activity. Hopefully we'll make it to Keeneland next weekend - we try to make it at least once a meet. Besides, the last time we went, I was 39 weeks, 5 days pregnant - surely it will be more fun this time with Ellie on the outside!

Friday afternoon Pete got in a van with 5 of his friends, and 6 others got in another van and the I.T. Bandits were reunited once again for the running of The Bourbon Chase, an overnight, 200-mile relay race through 6 of the distilleries on the bourbon trail. (Bourbon that's not from Kentucky is just plain 'ole whiskey)

Pete returned home yesterday evening to shower and change clothes, but then Van One needed to go downtown to the finish line so they could all cross together with the final runner. Obviously, Ellie and I didn't follow Pete all along central Kentucky to take pictures but we did take great before and after pictures.

Pete and Ellie BEFORE The Bourbon Chase:

and AFTER:

Last night was a special night for me as well. I kept Ellie up past her bedtime so we could go to Light the Night, a walk that raises money for leukemia and lymphoma. Pete met us in front of the courthouse in time for the walk to begin. I got a gold balloon in memory of mom, white balloons were for survivors, and red were for supporters.

Today was a nice day around the house - we went to breakfast at Alfalfa's and didn't do much else!

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Pocket said...

Yeah!! Did Ellie sleep in the carrier? She looks so cozy!