Monday, October 31, 2011

Candy Corn Cheescake

Just in case anyone wonders how I made the little cheesecake to coordinate with Ellie's costume, here's a picture timeline. The cheesecake itself was a Jell-O No Bake, so that was easy-peasy. I combined two boxes worth so I would have enough to fill a larger pan. (I also doubled the crust, but wish I hadn't as it turned out really thick.)

I used a spatula and then the back of a spoon to smooth the filling into each section. I let it set up for about half an hour in the fridge before removing the inner rings, then smoothed over the cracks again with a spatula.

Then when it is cut into individual pieces for serving, ta-da! Candy Corn!

Thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration!


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I love this baby immobilizing seat featured throughout your blog. Putting it on a very future shopping list.

Pocket said...

super cute!!