Friday, May 04, 2012

Goodnight Moon

Sunday afternoon we took Ellie to her first play.  It seemed like a good activity for our big one-year-old. The Lexington Children's Theatre is putting on a production of Goodnight Moon.  Well.  We only read that book about 7 times a day at our house so it seemed like a good pick.  Plus this show was only an hour long. 

She did really well!!  The theatre is a small bib-shaped stage, so the actors pretty much act in the round.  We got to see all the action, even though we were sitting on the far left.  Ellie was a little antsy but once the lights dimmed and she could see all the colored lights on the stage, she was hooked!  (I thought the show was a bit slow, but Ellie hung in there and we didn't have to resort to our hidden stash of puffs until the last five minutes.) 

Beside the Old Lady who whispers hush, the two main characters were the Bunny and the Little White Mouse - both of whom were puppets!  Ellie got to meet them after the show.
(The bunny had a loose tooth throughout most of the show which he eventually lost.)

After the play we went by J+J's to pick up Ellie's birthday lilac.  Hopefully we will take an annual picture of her standing by it.

So that was our weekend!  Busy both days - a fine few days for a baby's first birthday if you ask me :)

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