Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We have a toddler!

Last Tuesday I texted Pete to tell him I thought Ellie had taken a step.  He texted back to ask me if I was sure, and to see if she might have just been slowly falling.  The next afternoon I was visiting Joanne and all my pals at John's Run/Walk Shop and I turned to get a wet wipe out of my bag to clean Ellie's hands (the floors are kinda yucky) and out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw her take three steps from one chair to another.  Luckily, I had no less than four other witnesses to confirm my suspicion.  We all spent the next 20 min or so trying to get Ellie to walk to us.  Joanne had the most success by shaking her iced coffee at Ellie.  (Joanne's theory that small children are pretty much like cats is proving more and more true.)  I headed home from John's after Ellie had taken 3-4 steps several more times.  So on May 9th, exactly two weeks after her first birthday, Ellie took her first steps!!  I captured a few steps on my phone that evening to send to Pete who was out of town, but yesterday I got a nice long clip.  It was still on my phone, though, so apologies for the quality.  Ellie had just finished pushing her table from the living room, down the hallway, and into Pete's office:


Pocket said...

I LOVE that video! You're going to be so glad you have that!

melanie mauer said...

go ellie go!! xoxo, -m-