Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Someone told me it's all happening...

at the ZOO!!

The only good thing about Pete working three of the last four Saturdays is that he doesn't feel too guilty about taking a random Tuesday afternoon away from the computer to go on an adventure!  After Ellie's morning nap, we drove to Louisville to take Ellie to the zoo.  We went once last year with Rachael and Sylvia, but Ellie was still pretty itty-bitty.

What a difference a year makes!!!

The rhinoceros was the first thing we saw - he was so close to us!  Ellie wouldn't take her eyes off him, and her grip on my arm got tighter and tighter.

She was also very interested in the sea eagle.

The monkeys, not so much.

It didn't seem like Ellie saw the gorillas, and we were getting ready to walk to the next area, when suddenly she DID see them and tried to crawl over the rail!!

The gorilla walked right up to the glass once we had walked down to the other viewing area.  He came so quickly that I jumped back and carried Ellie away.  Pete got this great picture, though.

The last thing we saw before we left was the polar bear.  He was so cute and fun to watch swimming around and playing with his pool toys.

This is such a great age - we love watching her face as she sees so many new things.  I can't wait to take her to the aquarium later this summer, I think she's going to flip!

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Pocket said...

We LOVE the Louisville Zoo! All the exhibits are so up close and personal. That first picture made me giggle because I saw Sylvia's big bald head in the stroller! Glad you all had a good day at the zoo!