Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

It was so great to have a three-day-weekend together with no official plans.  Ellie loved having her daddy around for three whole days in a row!

We recently got Ellie a new pair of shoes, and she's pretty obsessed with them.  Not for wearing exactly, but she likes to carry them around and pull at the little white flowers on them.
Ellie and her daddy making the same face at each other.
oops!  I threw the shoes - will you get them for me?
Yesterday was our friend Caitlyn's first birthday and her parents had a cookout in their back yard.  We had a really great time grilling out and relaxing with all of our friends and their children (but I didn't have my camera).  Ellie loved playing in Caitlyn's new pool and we realized that Ellie needed more than her little plastic pool.  It was scratching her legs every time she climbed in and out of it.  So we went to Target this afternoon and got her a nice inflatable pool for ten whole dollars. :)  It's just big enough that Pete and I can sit in it with Ellie.  Pete blew it up and filled it with water during her second nap and we spent the rest of the afternoon in the backyard in our bathing suits.

We played in the pool, took Ellie around the yard in her wagon, and Pete started to weed the patio.

Joanne and Jerry came over for dinner; Ellie happily shared her pool with them. 

After dinner we made root beer floats, watched Fiona play in the sprinkler, and called it a night!

For extra fun, here is another walking video:


Pocket said...

Love that wobbly walk! Before you know it, she'll be running laps around the backyard!

Jennifer said...

I want to spend a week with that bathing beauty! When you called her "Little Red" on the video I about died, so cute!

p.s. the phrase I have to enter to prove I'm not a robot sounds like a spell Harry Potter would say: "indocea approbatus" I wonder what magic I just unleashed!

Tammy said...

such cute wobbles!!!!! love the update :) PS - I like your toe nail polish Laura :) See you all next month!