Friday, August 31, 2012

A New Champion.


You might have spent your weekend watching television and think I am talking about this young lady.  But no, I am talking about a different kind of champion.  A backyard champion.  The 2012 Crawford Croquet Cookout Champion.  Mr. Brandon Eason.


Here he is, graciously accepting his award, with his family by his side.  

Amy also enjoyed the taste of victory.


Now you might be thinking to yourself, well, I certainly could win a backyard game of croquet.  But this was no ordinary game.  No ordinary backyard course.  This particular course had unique hazards:  a swing set, an inflated pool, and four live babies!

After it was clear that Brandon would be the victor, the girls, who were each rooting for their individual fathers, decided they could all still be friends. 

Good game, good game.

Annie and Ellie quickly returned to their love of the evening - the slide.  Or as Ellie calls it, "Whee!"


As for the beloved chalice, there's always next year.

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