Sunday, August 19, 2012

Laura's Birthday

Friday was Laura's birthday, and after we spent the day celebrating together (all three of us!) we thought it would be great to have a fresh perspective recap the events on the blog.  And so....Camp Crawford proudly presents, guest blogger Pete!

Our wake-up call from the crib came at 7:30 Friday morning, and Laura wanted to visit Windy Corner Market for breakfast.  We typically only go to Windy Corner for dinner, and it was great to be there when the line wasn't 20 deep and we didn't have to stand like hawks waiting for a high chair to free up.  There was only one other couple in the restaurant, and we peacefully enjoyed a ham biscuit (Laura) and a sausage/egg po-boy (Pete), while Ellie gobbled up any stray pieces of bread from either.

After breakfast we came back and spent some time at the house.  Ellie took a fantastic two-hour nap (which was much better than the NO nap she took on my birthday), after which we went out for a late lunch at Olive Garden.  Ellie enjoyed getting some shells and sauce all over herself.

pasta face

After lunch, we accidentally found ourselves at Target during College-Move-In week...WHOOPS!  But, not wanting to let the students get the better of us, we donned these ultra-sweet Star Wars masks (which we incidentally encountered in a random aisle), and proceeded to wear them through the store, gathering items, stares, and one "Pardon me, Mr. Vader" from a Target employee with a flat cart trying to squeeze by.  Ellie thought the masks were pretty funny.  She laughed at us as we pushed her along, and was only upset when she learned that the mask wouldn't fit a head as small as her own.

When we finally got back home, an overcast morning had turned into a bright and sunny afternoon, so Laura changed into the dress she'd been planning on for her birthday, and we hit the neighborhood for our daily wagon ride. 
note: dress includes pockets.  VERY important.

While we were out, we passed a neighborhood yard sale that had some fantastic finds for Ellie.  We scored a turtle sandbox, a hobby horse, and an Ellie-sized shopping cart......all for $14.  Ellie is totally obsessed with the shopping cart.  She filled it with all kinds of stuff before we could even get away from the yard sale.  It was such a nice afternoon that we decided to set up an impromptu supermarket on the driveway for Ellie to try it out at home.

Where is the produce aisle?
This orange looks perfectly ripe.
 We shopped for well over an hour, and since we'd eaten a late (and large) lunch, we skipped straight to the dessert course for dinner.  I made a pistachio cake with whipped pistachio icing, from scratch, and luckily, the icing did a good job of covering the "forgot to use the non-stick spray" issues with the cake.

The birthday girl looks excited!  That's what really matters.
That was our big day, and I have to say how great it was to have the whole day to spend together.  Happy Birthday Laura!  I hope it was a memorable one!


Tammy said...

great recap guest blogger! looks like a fun day :)

Jennifer said...

Love the dresses on you and Ellie! She can come do my grocery shopping for me anytime.