Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Celebrating Pete

Last Thursday was Pete's 32nd birthday. 
This year's cake looked like a flop, but tasted wonderful.  

I was pretty excited to celebrate with him on Friday.  At long last, WE WERE GOING TO TOUR THE Ale 8 One factory!!!

There's a little 'museum' set up in the lobby.

The warehouse of Ale8 ready to ship to a 60-mile radius.
Our friendly tour guide, Fred.  Or maybe it was Alan.
Testing for proper levels of formula to carbonated water, etc.
The current formula being used is Formula No. 2.  At this point the tour guide turned to me and said, "It's like science!"  To which I replied, "It IS science!"

There was something amiss during our tour, so the man on the left was taking out all the botched labels and kept stopping the machine and tinkering with the two spools that held the giant rolls of labels.
First, the labels are affixed to the bottles. 
After washing, the bottles are spun dry and lined up - ready to be filled.
In the foreground are the empty bottles, in the background, they're filled and capped.
Ale 8 Man and the REAL Ale 8 Man - G.L. Wainscott
Ellie with her souvenirs back at home.  Yes, that is her 'splash mat' in the background.
Then Friday evening our neighbor, Julie, came over and watched Ellie for us while we went to see The Dark Knight Rises - it was so good!! Ellie was still asleep when we got home, so it was a great night all around.

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Tammy said...

what a great b-day!!