Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ellie's First Cubs Game

I'm playing a little catch-up on the 'ole blog so if you are on Facebook you've probably already seen most of these pictures. 

On August 19th we had tickets to the Cubs/Reds game in Cincinnati - Ellie's first Cubs game!!  Pete, having grown up just outside Chicago, is a lifelong Cubs fan (however much it hurts him).

All morning long we told Ellie we were taking her to see the Cubs and sang "Go Cubs Go" in the car so she would be familiar with the fight song.

A few moments after we found our seats, the Fasciottos joined us - all four of them!  It was Sylvia and Margot's first Reds game, too.  Ellie was very happy to see Sylvia.  So happy that she hugged her.  And then she hugged her again, and again, and again until I pulled her away.  Poor Sylvia!  She loves hugs as much as the next girl, but I'm pretty sure she thought Ellie had fallen off her rocker.

We left after the fourth inning (Ellie had missed her nap and four innings was Pete's initial goal for his first game with a 15-month-old) and made it home in time for dinner on the lawn at Ashland.  It was a great day all-around!

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