Monday, August 06, 2012

We Survived. Barely.

Okay, okay, perhaps I am being a bit melodramatic.  Today was Ellie's first day in the Tiny Tots class at her child care center.  Here she is, all ready for a day of fun and new friends.  We dropped her off shortly before eight and and were pretty confident that all would go well.  Ellie doesn't have separation anxiety and enjoys playing with other children.  Especially when she is in a room full of new toys.

We picked her back up around 4:15pm and before we reached her room, I saw this peeking out of her cubby.

WHAT?!?!?  An accident report on her first day?!?!?  Come on.  Before we even got to see if she was okay, I read about her climbing up on the play gym outside and not making it back down safely.  Well duh.  She is only 15-months old!!  And I told her teacher no less than three times this morning that she was very good at climbing up on things and not as good at getting back down. And I wrote it down on her little info sheet.  And Pete mentioned it one more time as we left (right after she had run out of the room for the 2nd time without one of the teachers noticing.)  I guess they know now that we weren't kidding.

Of course she is totally fine.  Just a bit banged up around her eye.  Most of the swelling had gone down by the time we put her to bed, hopefully it will be barely noticeable tomorrow.  I know she is a toddler and I know she will fall - she has fallen a number of times while in my care (but not on her face!!).  I just wish she hadn't fallen on her very first day of being in child care.  Hopefully Wednesday will be better!


Pocket said...

Poor Ellie!!! She looks totally tough in that pic, like if she can make it through Tiny Tots, she can make it through anything!

Also, I think you should know that when I was writing this post for you in my head, I had the exact same title :)

Jennifer said...

First off, I love her first day outfit. I agree with Rach, Ellie looks tough, like she's thinking "There was just so much to explore! I got overly excited and lost my balance, no biggie. I got this." For your own peace of mind though, I really hope Wednesday is incident free. I'm glad she's ok, you need to save that report for her baby book!