Thursday, September 20, 2012

Are you there world? It's me, Laura.

Yeah yeah yeah, I know that's not how it really goes.  I like it better my way.  We had the 'yuck' at our house last week and Pete was out of town so it has taken a bit to get back in the swing of things.

Fever, what fever?

Oh there it is.

Joanne and Jerry are (finally) home after their summer in Vermont and invited us over to their house Saturday afternoon, knowing we were feeling better and that the fourth day of daddy being out of of town can wear on mommy.  Joanne and Jerry's backyard is nice and shady and the perfect place to frolic.

Ellie helping with the weeding.
Taking a break with Uncle Jer (and her new pink soccer ball!)
Ooh, I like your hat.
I think it suits me, don't you?

Tuesday is rained all day so we went to visit all the colorful creatures at Petsmart.


Ellie loves her new jeggings and patent leather flats we got from Old Navy.  What can I say, she's ready for fall.

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