Saturday, September 08, 2012

Ellie's First Haircut.

Thanks to you, faithful readers, Ellie has had her first haircut.  (Faithful readers = comments from Jen and Joanne, but still, it was enough!)

I thought we would take her to a place that only does children's cuts, you know, one of those salons with chairs that look like cars, or trains, or horses, but Pete didn't think we really needed all that.  Plus, there isn't one in Lexington that's super close to our house.  It's all of maybe a 10-15min drive from our house, but Pete wasn't feeling it.

It's just as well.  We needed to stop by Kroger to get ingredients for a pot luck later this evening and there's an old-time barber shop right across the street.  I told Pete we could stop by after the grocery store and ask if they did children's cuts and he had me grab my camera as we headed out the door.

There were two men getting their hair cut, and two men waiting in line when we opened the door.  Right away Pete pointed out the special booster seat they had in the corner and asked if they could do a First Haircut and they said yes.  Score!

Ellie was enamored with the trimmers and the scissors and the general barbershop goings on and sat pretty patiently while we waited.  The nice gentleman ahead of us in line let us take his place when the next chair was free so we didn't have to wait very long at all.

Tony, the guy who cut Ellie's hair, put the child booster on his chair and got out the kiddy cover-up for our Wellinor.  She was only a little scared at the very beginning, but then was fine to sit while Tony trimmed a whopping 1/2-inch off the back, which probably took less than five minutes.

Here is the finished product!  No more mullet :)

We had a great day afterward as well.  Stella's first birthday party was in the afternoon, and then we went to Talon Winery with pretty much the same crowd in the evening for a wine tasting.   I live the good life.  Seriously.  Lucky little family here.


Jennifer said...

So cute! (Her mullet was cute too, but this seems to suit her better!)

Pocket said...

What a big girl!! And that winery pic is breathtaking - you should hang that one up somewhere! Sweet little Ellie running away from her parents...sniff sniff :)