Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I've said it before,

I'll say it again.  Fall in the Bluegrass is beautiful, not to be missed, and one of the reasons we love living in Lexington.  (Spring is pretty great, too, but there's something about fall that gets us outside.)  Now today, of course, it's rainy and chilly, but it is a Tuesday afternoon so I guess there's not much use in complaining.

Last weekend was no exception.  We went to Oktoberfest Friday night and had our usual trifecta of Beer, Brats, and Bingo.  Don't knock it till you've tried it!  Local celebrity Bill Meck was the Bingo caller and there are always a few entertaining folks who've had one too many beers to make the game more exciting.

Pete was home on Friday so we all went out to lunch.

My cousin Joey's doppelganger was there.

Saturday Pete had an out-of-town race (no surprise) so we didn't get to see him until we drove to Louisville for a wedding that evening.  Aunt Audrey and Uncle Andrew watched Ellie for a couple of hours and put her to bed at their house so we could go to the ceremony and reception.  They only sent us one picture while we were gone, but it pretty much summarizes their time together.  Shenanigans.

The wedding was at a lovely outdoor location - The Gardens of Ray Eden - and the bride and groom looked lovely as well.

Sunday morning we drove home after breakfast at Wild Eggs and spent the day outside doing yard work.  In the evening we headed over to Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate for Jazz on the lawn.  It had gotten chilly but that did not stop us from enjoying the evening.

This weekend is the Bourbon Chase, so Pete will be off racing with his pals, but we look forward to seeing him at the finish after their 200-mile relay!

There's no story behind this picture, just typical Ellie behavior.

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Jennifer said...

Um... I love her coat. And I pretty sure she wants a hug from me in that pic. Hang on, Ellie, just a few more weeks!