Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Natural Bridge

On Friday, we headed to the Red River Gorge for lunch at Miguel's before hiking up to the Natural Bridge with Ellie.  We were expecting rain all weekend, so we thought we should take advantage of the sun while we could.

It has been at least eight years since our last trip to Miguel's - and our memories did not fail us.  The pizza was delish!

Once we got to the state park, Ellie was Little Miss Independent and wanted to walk on her own.  She only let us carry her on the especially steep parts or jagged steps.

We finally made it to the bridge, a 500 foot elevation increase from where we started.  Now we had to climb up the steps, and through the narrow passageway to get to the top (65 ft above the base).

Ellie wasn't super-happy that we wouldn't let her run free at the top, but it's only 20 feet wide, so we needed to be cautious.

However, she loved the Ellie-sized passageway on the hike back down.

She was getting tired though, so I carried her a good portion of the way down.  I only held her superman-style for this one staircase, don't worry.

She walked again for some flat portions, and loved looking at the water under this bridge.

Then we crossed the wobbly bridge one last time and it was only a quarter mile back to the parking lot.

A great first family trip to the Gorge!

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