Saturday, September 29, 2012

Newport Aquarium

This week the Newport Aquarium was offering one free admission with an annual passholder, so we made some time on Wednesday afternoon to go together as a family.  Pete and I went multiple times before Ellie was born, but I've just been once since we have had Ellie.  (I do have a season pass from that visit because the season pass is less than two adult admissions, so if we went more than once in a year, it would pay for itself.  Ellie is free until age 2.)

Probably the thing we were most excited about was the octopus!  It has always been curled up in the corner sleeping on our past visits, this time he was swimming all around his tank.  It was so neat to watch him move through the water.  If only Ellie was as interested as Pete and I were.  We took turns chasing her down the hall so the other could watch Mr. Eight Legs.

We feel very lucky that Ellie did not seem to be afraid.  She was terrified at the South Carolina Aquarium, but loves our local one.  We pretty much had the place to ourselves so she could wander back and forth through the tunnels at her leisure.

Then it was on to the jellyfish exhibit:

Followed by the shark tunnels!

And finally, probably Ellie's favorite, the Penguins!!

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Pocket said...

Wow! You DID have the place to yourselves! How fun!