Sunday, September 20, 2015

April 2015 (second half)

  • Pete was out of the country my second week back at work.  Then I got The Phone Call.  Ellie had barfed at school.  Not allowed to return until Thursday.  Was in a session Thursday when I got The OTHER Phone Call.  Caroline was sick at HER daycare.  So my second week back at work in over a year-and-a-half, I had to miss four days because my husband was in Canada and I could barely speak to him on the phone no less have him help care for our children.  Great.

  • Ellie turned four on the 25th!  I brought ice cream to her class on the 24th, she was VERY excited to be wearing the Birthday Crown.

  • We took Ellie out to breakfast on her actual birthday, then she had a party for a classmate in the morning.  Her party was in the afternoon.  So most of the girls had a birthday from 10-12 for Eleanor B., then went home, ate lunch, and napped, then came to our house from 4-7pm for a birthday party for Eleanor C. :-)
Chatting with Aunt Audrey who called to wish her Happy Bday!
Ready for the other Eleanor's party.
Cuppy cakes for Ellie's garden party.
Ellie went with Pete for balloon pickup.

  • The next morning, we gave Ellie her gift: a big-girl bicycle!

  • Then, on Monday, Bari had her baby!  My office is just across the street from the Women's Hospital, so I got to meet baby Harrison when he was brand new!! (He was in the nursery for monitoring, but they let me in to hold him - Pete had to stay outside the glass.)

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