Saturday, September 26, 2015

July 2015.

ready for the parade at school
  • We missed Grandma Prann's 90th Birthday Party because my first day of work was the following Sunday.  It just didn't seem wise to be driving home from Pennsylvania the day before starting a new job.  Grandma totally understood, but still, it was hard not to celebrate with her.  This is only important because the last week or so of June we were on the phone and she mentioned really missing me and wishing she could see the girls.  SO - we hopped in the car and drove to Pa. for the 3-day-weekend!  I still had do some paperwork after we arrived on Friday, so Pete took Ellie outside while Caroline napped.  They made a Tom Sturgis run while they were out, taking our official "We've arrived in Reading" picture.  The parade/pool day ended up being cancelled because of rain, but we still went to Anna's house in the morning, saw family, and almost ate ourselves out of our patriotic outfits.  Everyone came back over to Aunt Susie's for dinner, and late, late that night, once the girls were sleeping, Aunt Susie, Pete, and I hiked across the yard to watch the fireworks from the top of the hill.  We stopped by Grandma's one last time before hitting the road Sunday morning.


Backyard-cherry-tomato Filchers.

  • We took the girls to see a movie after several days of rain - we saw "Inside Out," the saddest movie ever.
  • Aunt Susie has a great tricycle for Beckham that Caroline loved riding during our visit.  So when we got home, we got one for her!  She's not quite big enough for our skut bike, and I can push this one when we need to catch up with her speedster of a sister.
  • Still went to the pool every weekend that was sunny.
  • National Ice Cream Day.
  • Our friend Audrey had her annual birthday Tea Party at her VeeVee's house - and Caroline was included, too!

Ellie and Annie
  • Another Sunday morning at the pool.  We were almost always the only ones there from 10-11:30.

the hats!
  • Ellie took ballet/tap for six (eight?) weeks this summer on Monday evenings.  On the final class day, parents were invited in to see what they had been learning.



Jennifer said...

I am really enjoying the year in review series! Keep 'em coming!

Sarah said...

I wish there was a "like" button for these! :-) Great pics of a fun month!