Saturday, September 19, 2015

April 2015 (first half)

I think I'm just going to resort to bullet points so I can catch up because Lexington has been knocking it out of the park weekend-wise lately, and I want to post about that, but not leave out the rest of the year.
  •  Took Caroline to the Newport Aquarium for the first time - she loved it!

  • Random living-room shenanigans.  (I'm MUCH better at Twister than Pete.)
  • Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt (this was the day after Caroline's first-ever -and hopefully last - concussion/ER trip/cat scan.  She fine - obvs - but now sits in a chair that is weighted down so she can't flip it over whilst seated.)  
 Cares and Miles - he likes her because, "I like to look at her face."
  • Palm Sunday
  • Easter Morning:  the bunny brought bunnies, rain boots, and umbrellas for the girls.  
  •  The girls also got baskets from our next-door neighbors, and Joanne and Jerry - so sweet!

  •  Biggest news of the first week of April: I started working outside the home again.  Full-time SLP at a pediatric clinic. SOoooo, Caroline started going to 'school' with Ellie.

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