Sunday, September 20, 2015

May 2015

  • In Kentucky there's a school dress-up day for Derby.
  • Emily hosted a Derby Party at her house - we had great fun, and the girls had a race!
  • Ellie passed the time waiting for her pediatrician to come in for her 4 y.o. well-check by serenading anyone who might be listening at the nurse's station.  When Dr. Nelson arrived, he said he thought she belonged on the stage.  And that she was off the charts tall.  Height: 43.5" (98%), weight: 38 lbs (73%)
  • We went to Asheville, NC for a long weekend at the Grove Park Inn over Mother's Day.  It's a wonderful spa/retreat/hotel that would be perfect for a girl's weekend, or a romantic getaway.  For a family of four, it was, adventure would put it nicely.  We struggled to have something to do during the day, and the childcare we tried to arrange through the hotel (as they advertise on their website and Pete tried to arrange WAY in advance) fell through so we were not able to enjoy the spa together at all.  The pool that is open to all guests, not just spa guests, did not open until Memorial day (insert frowny face.)  But the Wheelers drove in for one day, so that was really fun!  And our last-resort trip to Target to buy puzzles and more activities for the girls resulted in the find of the summer - the Straw Hats.  So - live and learn.  Our family is not yet ready to stay in hotel for a few days if anyone is going to sleep and/or nap.  Also, group picture = herding cats.






    • Ellie 'graduated' from preschool!  We loved being in the Robin room with Ms. Jill!

    • We're mad for madras at our house.

    • Run for the Nun was the last Saturday in the month.  This is the race Pete ran the morning of our wedding.  He placed 2nd in his age group this year.  Ellie ran the kids one-mile this year!

    • One of Ellie's classmates hosted a Robin-room Roundup to celebrate their fun year together.  The most amazing balloon-animal guy was there - he made so many amazing things, including a monkey on a palm-tree with coconuts hat for Pete (not pictured.)

    • Caitlyn turned four!  And Caroline was caught sneaking cupcakes before they had been served.

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